Into the Light

I want to share the intent of Light Craft Ltd. Light Craft Limited was started in the hope that some powerful motivation to improve the world could be realized through the development of solutions to current, urgent problems. Light Craft is intent on introducing, promoting and developing some ambitious ideas. Ideas meant to heal come from a light within the heart. Weather an idea comes from left field or the Akashic field, an ambition which is motivated by something intangible, greater than financial reward — is just different. So the intention of lightcraft is to be a different kind of corporation. We want to create value, but also to heal. So that in creating the opportunity to act as healers, we may find life’s greatest reward.

I decided to shed some light on the plan for protecting, managing the fire readiness of the W U I, because I knew this would motivate me to move quickly in recruiting the help I need. I hope the idea is interesting enough to motivate people who possess a variety of skills. I need the assistance of powerful entities and bright professionals from quite a broad range of diciplines, to ensure that my concept is most efficiently realized. This idea of applying robotics to reduce the damage from future fires at the WUI is both fun and serious. It is a fun idea anywhere robotics is involved. It is serious because of the threat to life and limb at the WUI. So I hope colleges and entrepreneurs are interested in this idea — of large scale robotic management of Wildlands.

Best to you,